Editorial: Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy spoiled unforgettable memories and was the cause of much heartbreak when it struck the Tri-State Area on October 29, 2012 and left permanent damage not only on the Jersey shore, but on millions of people’s homes and lives as well.

Across New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York, 133 people lost their lives while almost 8 and a half million people lost electricity and $60 billion dollars were needed in repairs. In Hopatcong, the high school became a shelter for thousands of residents without power and for those suffering from unfortunate circumstances. Throughout, all of this, it was also difficult to find gas for generators and cars; shortly after the devastation, Governor Christie put gas rationing into effect, that allowed those with even numbered license plates to go on even days and those with odd numbered license plates to go on odd days.

With the huge crisis ensuing, everyone seemed to come closer and closer together. People stepped up to help their friends, neighbors, and even people they’ve never met before. Dr. Charles Maranzano sent out a special thank you to all of the students, custodians, and many other volunteers that made the Hopatcong High School shelter a success. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of the volunteers who selflessly came up to the plate.

Now that everything is almost back to routine, I am proud to introduce our first online issue of the Hopatcong Arrow, our high school newspaper. The newspaper was cut years ago due to budget cutbacks. At a time of new beginnings, we celebrate the return of The Arrow as a way to connect our students to our building community. Go Chiefs!

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