Editorial: Jersey Shore vs. Jersey Shore

“Steve, did you hear about the Jersey Shore?” asked Michael. “No what’d Snooki do now?” he responded. “No man, not the Jersey Shore, the Jersey Shore, like the beach.”

The Jersey Shore has lost its literal meaning; with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the legendary Jersey Shore name will be restored.

Of course the TV show will always be around to impact society and isn’t going away anytime soon, but nothing is more influential to the public than a natural disaster. The media allowed everyone to see all of the destruction, mostly found at the Jersey Shore, caused by Hurricane Sandy. For the first time in a long time, the Jersey Shore was brought back to its roots. It is a place for families to vacation, businesses to thrive, and communities to come together.

One man, a chef at Hemingway’s Café in Seaside Heights for 9 years, lost his home. His job also got washed away in the Superstorm.

Nearly 90% of Seaside Heights properties were either destroyed or damaged during the storm. One resident, after seeing her badly damaged home and surrounding destruction for the first time said, “My stomach’s in knots and I’m trying not to cry.”

In a press conference, Governor Chris Christie was almost brought to tears while speaking of the devastation. He spoke of how, “We’ll rebuild it. No question in my mind we’ll rebuild it, but for those of us who are my age, it won’t be the same.”

The Jersey Shore is a shore, not a TV show. It’s a place where real people live, work, and raise families. There is more to it than a backdrop for a reality show about people, not even from New Jersey, partying and causing mayhem. Hurricane Sandy made people realize this. Now when people hear the words “Jersey Shore”, they will once again think of the hardworking families, communities, and of course the ocean. Even though the devastation at the shore didn’t directly hit us all here in Hopatcong, we can appreciate growing up close to it. So in the days to come, let us not forget the Jersey Shore and all those who call it their home.

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