Will My Precious Boyfriend Evaporate Between Classes?

 I know it sounds crazy, but with the 2012 apocalypse coming up and all, I can never be sure how much longer I have; I simply must give him one last kiss in the hallway in case he turns to dust, she thinks to herself as the bell rings for seventh period.

Kisses flowing, hormones flying, testosterone and estrogen levels soar through the air; welcome to high school, where relationships oscillate faster than your dieting aunt’s weight. Most people know that they would not be getting passionate with their significant other in the middle of a restaurant, library, or any other public building; why is it that we find ourselves swerving to avoid smooching couples throughout our own school hallways? Although the times between classes and during lunch are considered personal time, students must realize that there is a time and place for everything. These students are much too comfortable dealing with private business within our public school building.

Public displays of affection (PDA’s) can be appropriate when minimal; however, some of the antics seen around school can be border-line profane. According to sophomore Emily Schaller, “In the hallway it is fine to hug and kiss, but not make out, ” a feeling shared with many other students throughout the high school.

The hallways are not the only place where student PDA is excessive. Teacher and lunch monitor, Mr. Todd Jensen, feels that the lunchroom is the school’s greatest venue for such inappropriate behaviors. Lunch, for some, can be seen as a free for all; when one gazes across the cafeteria, he can come across some of the strangest behavior. Many students are seen kissing, hugging, and getting cuddly during their lunch period. Are these the reasons why some lose their appetite for a school lunch?

Teenagers seem to feel completely dictated by their hormones from time to time. However, students need to take note of where they are before they act upon an impulse, not only knowing where to stop oneself, but where to draw the ‘lipstick line’ for his/her partner. As said by author Joyce Meyer, “A disciplined person not only knows how to say ‘no’ to themselves, but ‘no’ to other people when they need to.”


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