Classes Vie in Color

HHS students came together in full force on Dec. 14, holding a spirit day and annual winter pep-rally to celebrate winter sports such as wrestling, girls and boys basketball, bowling, and winter cheer. The night before, volunteers from each grade decorated a specific hallway by class color.

Celebration ran high with signs, streamers, and balloons. Seniors decorated their hallway in green, black and white, while the juniors decorated theirs in blue, the sophomores in red, and the freshman in yellow.

By eighth period, the student body was rallied into the gym where each grade sat in sections of the bleacher’s decorated according to class. The event began with each team and its players individually announced by the Student Council.

Excitement increased as the wrestling team split in half to play tug o’ war and the bowling team picked a player from each grade to bowl a few rounds. The basketball’s cheerleading team performed their half-time cheer for the first time.

In the spirit of camaraderie and competition, senior basketball boys and girls versed a few selected teachers in a real basketball game; it was a tight score, but the students came out on top!

Chief’s female and male athletes were honored for their hard work and dedication in making HHS athletics successful.

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