“Don’t Panic”: Review

“Don’t Panic,” premiered on October 9th,  and was long awaited by All Time Low fans everywhere. After such a grueling wait, I must say that I was initially very disappointed in this album. First impressions about music are often based upon the instrumentation. Unfortunately, I felt as if the instrumentation within this album had little variation from song to song, which gave sort of a repetitious feel to the music. Had there been no lyrics, it would feel like you were listening to the same few songs over and over again.

Once I got a chance to really listen to the lyrics, my opinion changed greatly. Singer, Alex Gaskarth, takes you away as you go from being a young boy with big dreams, to a party-hardy lovebird, and a young man trying to get over his demonic ex-girlfriend. Every word of this album has a riveting beauty and undertone, each bit so relatable and so passionate that it continuously draws you in for more. Within the album, All Time Low comes forward, conveying feelings about growing up, lovesickness, and overall just trying to get by. When you first hear this album, don’t panic if the instrumentation seems bland because the words will blow you away.

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