Girls Serve Up a Good Season

The Hopatcong girls’ varsity tennis team ended their season with a 4-6 record. Led by senior team captains Michelle Archambault and Kate Kearns, the team had a successful season.

 When asked how the team did this year compared to last, Archambault said, “We didn’t win any matches last year as a team, so this year we did great.” The girls’ team has definitely improved upon their record, in part thanks to their coach Mrs. Traci Duffy.

 The team is made up of seven girls, three who play singles and two pairs that play the doubles matches. One girl with a winning season is sophomore, third singles, Marie Archambault whose record was 6-4, the best on the team. “She had a great season and we’re proud of her,” teammate Kearns remarked. Since Marie Archambault is only a sophomore, the team looks forward to having her back next year with hopefully another winning season.

 The girl’s tennis JV team also had a great season according to Kearns.
Senior second doubles Dione Lalo added that the real improvement was because of team captains Archambault and Kearns. “Over the summer we focused a lot more on our hits and things we didn’t focus on as much last year. Basically we learned from last year’s mistakes and used it to our advantage,” said Lalo.

 Lalo gave the credit to Archambault and Kearns for making both teams much better. The JV team is coached by Mrs. Jennifer Rowland, who is also a guidance counselor at the Hopatcong High School. “Mrs. Rowland is amazing, and even though she is swamped with other work, she still managed to come to the courts to help us,” said Lalo.

 The HHS tennis team enjoyed a good season due to the hard work and dedication of 21 girls.

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  1. Elaine Archambault
    December 21, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    So proud of all the girls!!!

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