Artist Inspires Students


In second grade, Ling Chang’s mother came into Mrs. Lucille Pearce’s class and showed all of the students how to make Chinese characters, sharing with them the traditions of the Chinese New Year. With Ling’s visit to Mrs. Pearce’s special education class on January 22, 2013, Ling hoped to make the same impact on the current class that her mother did all those years ago.

Chang, who went to Chatham High and graduated from Yale with a B.A. in English, owns her own business named Amaryllis, Inc. which is also in Chatham NJ. There she creates and sells numerous art items, such as: calendars, clocks, scarves, placemats and t-shirts. Mrs. Pearce adds, “Her theme is always flowers. That’s her specialty.”

When Chang visited Mrs. Pearce’s class, she gave them a lesson on painting Amaryllis’s, which had a great impact on the class. Mrs. Pearce said, “As soon as she stepped up to the board and said “let’s begin,” they all got quiet.” After their painting adventures were over, Chang also gave each student a red envelope symbolic of the  Chinese New Year; the envelope contained Narcissus bulbs (a flower similar to the daffodil) to plant.

Chang promised to come and visit again in the near future; she hopes to teach the students more about the Chinese traditions and the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Mrs. Pearce was pleased with the lesson, as well as the opportunity Chang offered her students.  “It’s an enriching experience,” said Pearce. “It gives them a chance to learn about another culture.”

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