Secret Garden Amazes Audience

Photos by Maria Schwarz

“Convincing” is one of the first words coming to mind upon seeing the HHS Drama Club’s production of The Secret Garden. I was especially impressed with the casting of the show; each actor seemed well suited for his/her part. Each scene, whether it be Andrew Craven’s (Richard Lavery) heartbreak as he looked at his past wife’s photo or Colin Craven’s (Gregory Pellinger) hope upon taking his first few steps, felt absolutely real. Quite impressive, especially considering the difficulties given to the cast and crew from having two weeks off due to Hurricane Sandy.

The story itself was quite the roller coaster. It begins with Mary Lenox (Alexis Mott) as a bratty, lonesome, girl whose parents have recently died, traveling to her Uncle Andrew’s estate. As she curiously makes her way around, she finds herself coming to a few secrets within her uncle’s home, including her crippled cousin Colin and her late aunt’s garden, which has been locked away since her death.

Along the way, Mary befriends the gardener, Ben Weatherstaff  (Ryan Taesler), as well as the maid, Martha Appleby (Cassidy Sandry) and her brother, Dickon (Kevin Foy). With their help, Mary brings the garden back to life and helps Colin learn to walk.

This exceptionally performed, emotional tale of love, loss, and never giving up, was a sight to be seen! Although performed to a smaller audience than usual, Mr. Ross “was very happy with the performance.” Ross added, “I think we would have had more people if we performed in early December when we usually do.”

I am definitely looking forward to what the HHS Drama club has to offer in their upcoming production of Little Shop of Horrors.


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