February Contest: Be My Prom Valentine

The Valentine survey results are in! According to the student body, the top 12 best ways to be asked to the prom are as follows:

1. Get a Build-a-Bear. Record your voice asking him/her to prom and place it in the bear. Dress the bear up and put it in his/her locker.

2. During your lunch period, go into his/her classroom with 5 of your friends. Each friend will either wear a P, R, O, M, or ?  on their shirt. Stand at the end of the line with flowers and ask him/her to prom.

3. Walk up to him/her while he/she is at his/her locker and simply just ask:  “Will you go to prom with me?”

4.During announcements, ask permission to make an announcement over the intercom. Say your name and ask if he/she will go to prom with you.

5. Ask her what color her dress is and when she asks “why,” say “because I need to know what color tie to get when we go to prom together.”

6. Order him/her a coffee/drink from Starbucks and have them write “prom?” in the name spot or on the lid.

7. During halftime at a basketball game, have the mascot or a cheerleader hold up a sign, asking (girl’s name/boy’s name) to the prom.

8. Ask his/her mom to help you fill his/her room with balloons when he/she is not home. Be waiting under the balloons when he/she arrives.

9. Get washable paint and write “prom?” on his/her car.

10. Show up at his/her work with flowers and serenade him/her in front of coworkers.

11. Pass him/her a note in class saying “prom?”: Check yes or no.

12. While your teacher is handing back tests, get him/her to hand the girl/boy a cute note you have written, asking him/her to prom.


And here are your results for the student body’s top 14 ideas to ask someone to the prom!:

1. Have a dog run up to him/her with a note in his/her mouth saying, “Will you go to prom with me?” …like in the movies.

2. Flash mob invitation.

3. Dress as a knight and ride one of those fake horses everyone had as a kid into her class and ask the fair maiden if she will go to prom with you.

4. Order pizza, have them write on the inside of the box: “I know this is cheesy, but… will you go to prom with me?” Have them deliver it with your name on the note.

5. Put a banner in the hallway and have students line up like a parade when she walks toward it. The banner says: “_______, will you go to prom with me?”

6. Order a pepperoni pizza with the word “prom” written in pepperoni.

7. Spell out “prom” using candles on the front porch.

8. Bake him/her cookies with P, R, O, M frosted on multiple cookies. Give him/her the cookies and wait until he/she figures it out.

9. Go to a bakery and order cupcakes. Write a note saying: “Hey cupcake, I thought this was sweet. Let’s go to prom.” Have them called down to the office to receive the cupcakes.

10. Sing them a song that reminds you of them and perform it in a public setting.

11. Put a heart shape note in her locker saying, “Prom” and get her a bear to hold the note.

12. Go to the movies and ask them to stop the movie. Then before the movie starts, you come out in front of everyone and ask her.

13. Have a pet come up to him/her with a collar and tag saying, “Will you go to prom with me?”

14. Have the guy come to school in a tux with flowers and find the girl he wants to ask and give her the flowers.








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