Shadow Day’s Prediction: Success

Photos by Maria Schwartz and Michelle Reid

A shadow, for most, is seen as the darkened silhouette created by one’s body, blocking the light; however, for many Hopatcong students it can also be seen as a great learning experience. Many HHS students got to experience being a ‘shadow’ to a teacher on February 1 at our annual teacher/student Shadow Day.

Shadow Day is a school-wide tradition that allows students to step into their teachers’ shoes, as well as to bring in a little spirit to Groundhog’s Day. Originated at the high school roughly ten years ago, this event once again went smoothly. “Hopatcong kids like to be part of events,” said Mr. Ryder, who, along with Student Council, has been running Shadow Day since its birth.

According to Ryder, there were 46 participants in this year’s Shadow Day. Ryder not only appreciates the enthusiasm of the students, but also the enthusiasm of the HHS staff who enjoyed the scholarly day that was topped off with a library luncheon.  Speaking about the students, Ryder said, “Hopefully they gained a little bit of insight into our busy day while enjoying the experience.”

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