Monster Maker: The Brains Behind the Beast

Little Shop of Horrors, HHS spring musical that opens tonight in the auditorium at 7pm, is destined to bring acclaim and awe. Without giving away too much, the show involves a “man-eating plant” that requires human blood to stay alive. To show the progression of the plant as it grows, four pods were created by art teacher, Mr. George Segale; the pods are not only artistic monstrosities, but also mechanical beasts.

Segale worked on all four pods simultaneously for two months with help from select students in the drama department and his art classes. There are two hand puppets, a full-body puppet that is capable of devouring body parts whole and a mechanical contraption. All contain intricate details that can be measured as perfection.

Overall, the construction was a day by day process. However, drawings or pictures were not the inspiration for the project; it was all created in the minds of Segale and Tech Director, Mr. Michael Batche. According to Segale, whenever he hit a rough spot, Batche would be there to help him with the next step. Many materials were used including aluminum, styrofoam, foam rubber, spandex, miles of duct tape, hot glue, spray paint, and airbrush.

While the pods’ utilization for the show is solid, the afterthoughts for the pods are still a work in progress. Whether the pods will be kept or rented out afterwards, Segale responded, “Those ideas are in the planning stages.” Right now, they are focused on the opening of the show tonight, where the pods will be in full action.

Don’t forget to come support the drama club and see Little Shop of Horrors: Thursday, April 18, Friday, April 19, Saturday, April 20 at 7 pm or Sunday at 2 pm. It is sure to be a night to remember!

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