“Feed Me, Seymour!!” HHS Drama Club Thrills Audiences Again

Photos by Maria Schwarz

Once again, a fun, exciting musical was chosen, and well-played by Hopatcong High School Drama Club.  This year, Seymour (played by senior Kevin Foy), Audrey (sophomore Cassidy Sandry), Mr. Mushnik (senior Alex Lekhtman), and Orin Scrivello D.D.S. (sophomore Chase Wolff) battled the carnivorous plant known as the Audrey Two (senior Sierra Hudson).

In this engaging musical and audience-thriller, Seymour finds a strange tiny plant that he brings back to Mr. Mushnik’s Skid Row Flower Shop, unaware of what kind of plant it is.

It doesn’t take long for Seymour to find out that Audrey Two has a surprising appetite for one thing: human blood!  Forced into keeping the tiny plant alive with his own blood, little ‘Two-y’ eventually becomes too big for Seymour to feed on his own.  Soon after Audrey Two begins talking and singing to Seymour; he has to find a new way to feed the ever growing plant.

Even with such dark happenings, Little Shop of Horrors continued to make the audience laugh.  The backup singer Ronnettes—Keely Johnston (sophomore) Ashley Cole (senior) Jeanette Larosilliere (senior) Emily DiNapoli (senior) Shaina DiNapoli (senior) Alexis Lerner (junior) kept the fun going with every song.

The set of the show and the quick scene changes were amazingly smooth and made the show keep its quick tempo.  The acting was believable and fun, making the show that much more enjoyable.  The best part, by far, were the plants.  Amazingly created, built, painted, and animated, these plants came to life in various sizes—each with a sassy, demanding attitude that felt as fun and energetic as the rest of the show.  The HHS Drama Club once again blew away all of their loyal fans with a fantastic show and love, loss, and leafs!

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