Favorite High School Memory

Life gives us brief moments with another…but sometimes in those brief

moments we get memories that last a lifetime.

– Author Unknown



The following is a list of senior memories….


Ashley Coe – Indescribable nights with my six best friends.


Dylan Capwell – I have too many great high school memories to narrow it down to one!


Justine Devivo – Prom senior year.


Courtney Wiseman – Prom and prom weekend.


Alejandra Ortiz – Senior prom and prom weekend and hanging out with my friends.


Dan Meusel – Prom weekend in Seaside.


Jimmy Livas – Meeting the only three people I like in this school.


AJ Bongiovanni – Running out onto a football field on Friday nights during football season.


Danny Pisano – Playing in football games against Butler. We lost but those games were battles.


Jocelyn Bertrand – Prom. It was kind of like a reality check. Although I hate clichés, it was a night to remember.


Julieth Lara – Prom weekend, football games and faculty night live.


Brandon Moore – My favorite memory from high school was all four years because it was a great time.


Michelle Reid – It would have to be my senior year. It has been the best year ever. But mostly because I was in the spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors. It was so much fun.


Kevin Foy – Messing around all period with my friends in Mr. Merkler’s class and doing anything to get him angry. One time when it was snowing, me and Billy Flyte shifted our desks slightly every time he looked at the board until we were facing the opposite way staring and talking about the snow.


Jeanette Larosiliere – Prom and prom weekend.


Bri Ugalde – Prom / Prom weekend 2k13


Rachel LaBrunda – All of the crazy basketball and football games.


Nicole Linnartz – Being the wrestling stat girl for three years and bonding with the team.


Alex Whiteman – Going on the forensics trip with Mrs. Martinez.


Chris Seely – Prom senior year.


Darling Chandia – Meeting Eliomar. I’m very happy we met and I’m glad to have such a great person in my life. I hope we stay friends for long.


Eliomar Hernandez – Meeting my best friend Darling Chandia. I’ve never had such a good friend that has been there for me no matter what.


Ashley Cole – Walking through the halls as a senior while laughing with  my friends and not having a single care.


Taylor Wilson – Spirit week of my senior year when I acted out the SunDrop commercial in the lunch room.


Dana Berchak – Going to DC and Quantico for the Forensics Trip.


Kristen Maegerlein – Making new friends since I moved here from Mount Olive. I did not expect to make such great friends as I have here in Hopatcong.


Sierra Hudson – Being the plant in the high school musical, Little Shop of Horrors. It was the most fun I’ve ever had.


Jen Levine – Prom junior year because all my absolutely closest friends were there and I had a really great time!


Kiersten Atkins – There are so many. The most recent was the cruise I went on with Emily Magyar, Noel Diaz, Alejandra Ortiz and Shelly Reid. I have so many with Jess Daubenberger and Melissa Valle hanging out in Martinez’s room. Lambeth walking backstage with Emily Magyar during Me and My Girl.


Emily Magyar – There’s honestly so many wonderful memories made in high school, but one of my absolute favorites is dancing backstage to Lambeth walk during “Me and My Girl” with Kiersten Atkins.


Monique Alarcon – DC Trip.


Ashley Green – It’s so hard to pick, but probably the forensics trip to DC. It was so amazing and fun; I had a great time.


Michelle Archambault – Participating in Every 15 Minutes.


Chris Ives – Mr. Boatman’s class; it was different.


Trent Pezzano: Soon to be: prom. It will happen in about 9 hours, but it’s going to be awesome.


Kacey Tiersch – Every 15 Minutes.


Vivian Wong – Doing the talent show this year. I love performing on stage.


Jessica Daubenberger – Becoming friends with Kiersten Atkins.


Shaina DiNapoli – The forensics DC trip 2012. I had so much fun with all of my friends and made great memories.


Emily DiNapoli – Medieval Times trip was a good time, but recently being casted in the play was the best time.


Jake Menendez – All of them. High school has been a rewarding experience.


Stephen Duncan – Being undefeated in track for four years, being sectional champs, getting second in sectionals and senior prom.


Alec Grabinski – Doing the ChaCha Slide with Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Landshof at prom while sitting in our seats “chair dancing”


Kelly Salazar – Any and all of the events that the senior class had to do together: prom, powderpuff, prom weekend, homecoming, and senior trip. Everyone comes together for events like that. It’s nice I got o share those memories with my class.


Donya Forst – Every time I stepped on to the soccer field and played with some of my best friends.


Jake Parisi – The time I rewrote the Scarlet Letter to fit a modern model and incorporated it as Kate Kearns life.


Kate Kearns – My favorite memories are the nights in the fall when my friends and I would go to the football games. Supporting our team, painting our faces, celebrating wins with late-night diner runs and spending time with friends.


Kathryn Barnish – All of the school dances I attended with my best friends: homecoming, winter formal and especially my junior and senior proms.


Katharine Callahan – Any time my friends and I quoted Mean Girls for more than five minutes straight which actually happened a lot.
Ming Zhang – Joining the golf team, four years of improvement on the golf team and meeting all the teachers/friends I have made and the guidance department.


Patrick Menagh – Hanging out with my junior and senior friends during lunch sophomore year.


Alex Bird – Every day that they serve apple sauce and making all those horrible comics.


Andre Tan – Cross country and track.


Alex Newman – Wrestling districts freshman year.


Patric McGuire – Winning 3rd place at all states for marching band.


Catrina Russo – Prom weekend 2k13! (…kinda)


Michelle Grigoras – Probably just being able to see the people I won’t be able to see every day next year.


Kelsey Spaziani – My senior prom and prom weekend. I had such a good time at both of them and the prom was amazing.


Joe Nowak – My freshman year in Mrs. Delbagno’s class.


Tiffany Ott – Playing powderpuff with my friends.


Danielle Barone – Definitely the prom.


Bryan Lance – Prom.


Daniel Lopez – When we went to prom.


Rebecca Falconetti – Powderpuff, Quest and hanging out with my friends and doing the walk out for cutting teachers.


Tyler DiMuccio – Mr. Olsen’s class.


Emily Silveria – The walk out my sophomore year. We had walked out so our teachers wouldn’t get fired.


Jennifer Wimbush – When I participated in a walk out for the teachers that were leaving the school because of budget cuts.


Senior Trip, 2013: Pine Grove Family Resort








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