Four Years Ago, Did You Picture Yourself as You Are Now?

Dylan Capwell – Yes, I figured myself to be similar and I’m still friends with all the same people plus more!

Alejandra Ortiz – In some ways no, but overall yes for my friends and how my life is now.

Dan Meusel – Not really. I was more of an outcast when I was younger.

AJ Bongiovanni – Yes, I was destined to be great.

Jocelyn Bertrand – Four years ago I would never picture the person I am today. That person could never compare to who I am now.

Julieth Lara – Definitely not. I thought things would be a lot different.

Michelle Reid – Not really, no one can picture their life one way. Some things happen that change you and you are not where you thought you were.

Kevin Foy – No, I’ve been through countless experiences I never anticipated happening.

Jeanette Larosiliere – I felt like I’d be a bad child by the end of senior year. I’m so happy for what I’ve accomplished and overcome.

Rachel LaBrunda – Not really, I still think that I’m the same person and the only thing that changed is who I associate with.

Ashley Coe – I pictured myself to be the way I am, but it wasn’t a pleasant surprise to end with this fun life.

Nicole Linnartz – I definitely pictured being with my small group of friends, not being the social carefree person I am now.

Darling Chandia – I did picture myself how I am now, with a job, a car and all set to go to college.

Eliomar Hernandez – No, I would have never thought I would join the army.

Ashley Cole – No, not at all. I’m not the person I thought I’d be but I’m happy about that.

Taylor Wilson – I would’ve never guessed that I would be out on my own and to have matured as much as I have.

Sierra Hudson – No! I thought I’d be 200 pounds by now and shy.

Jen Levine – Four years ago I could never have imagined I would be friends with the people I am or be involved in the things that I do.

Kiersten Atkins – No, I was so shy as a freshman. Now as a senior I’m loud and obnoxious.

Emily Magyar – Not at all, I was so shy as a freshman and now as a senior I’m nothing like I once was – no shyness anymore!

Ashley Green – Not at all, I was shy and to myself and now I’m more outgoing, confident, and a person ready to keep moving.

Michelle Archambault – No, I am more outgoing and confident now than I was entering high school.

Chris Ives – Absolutely not, I’ve definitely changed so much and I’ve changed for the best, and I like it.

Trent Pezzano – Yes, I have all the friends I want, I got all of the grades I wanted and everything turned out how I wanted it to.

Alex Frato – I did not expect to be the person I am today.

Kacey Tiersch – No, never thought I’d be who I am and I definitely thought I’d be friends with my friends today: Courtney, Jeanette and Jesse.

Vivian Wong – I don’t think I’ve changed that much, so yes I pictured myself like I am today.

Jessica Daubenberger – I did not picture myself the way I am today.

Shaina DiNapoli – Absolutely not, I was a shy, really overweight freshman. I am now outgoing and 40lbs down!

Emily DiNapoli – No, I opened up a lot. I used to be very shy, but now I am friendly. I also lost 52lbs that I never thought would be possible.

Jake Menendez – I really don’t remember. But yes, I think this is how I’d want myself to be. I am certainly happy with who I am.

Katharine Callahan – No, but I doubt I ever really thought that far ahead anyways.

Alec Grabinski – No, a lot of things change over time. Friendships come and go and values change as well, sometimes for good or for worse; mine for the better. 4 years ago I was in a totally different place than I am now.

Kelly Salazar – No, so much has changed. Relationships have ended and other relationships began. I grew as a person and I learned more than I thought I would. I’m in a whole new place in life today than I was 4 years ago.

Richard Lavery – No, I still expected to be the quiet kid who doesn’t talk to anyone. Now I have no problem speaking out.

Donya Forst – Sort of, but not really. I knew I’d be playing soccer and going off to college, but I didn’t think I’d be as confident, have had so many great experiences or have such amazing friends.

Kate Kearns – I never imagined that I would be who I am today or that I would have met so many amazing friends these past four years.

Kathryn Barnish – All I’m thinking is how did I make it through high school?

Ming Zhang – Yeah, it was predictable.

Patrick Menagh – I thought I’d be more focused on sports.

Andre Tan – For the most part yes, I’m not much different than I was 4 years ago.

Alex Newman – Yes, I did because I never wanted to change too much.

Patric McGuire – No, because four years ago I lived in a different town.

Michelle Grigoras – I pictured myself going away to college and being more prepared.

Kelsey Spaziani – I pictured myself a little taller but that didn’t happen. I am a lot different from freshman year.

Danielle Barone – No, I definitely didn’t. I’ve accomplished so much since freshman year.

Allie Rohlff – Absolutely not. I have gone so far past where I expected to be at this point in time.

Bryan Lance – No, I pictured myself being someone different.

Tyler DiMuccio – Yes, I’m not like most of the people in this town. I’m myself. I don’t try to impress people nor do I try to fit in.

Emily Silveira – Honestly, not really. I had no idea that I would be grown up and just changed.

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