I Want to be Remembered For….



Dylan Capwell – All the things I did in track because all the hard work I put in.

Justine Devivo – My kindness.

Courtney Wiseman – My laugh.

Alejandra Ortiz – My sense of wonder and happiness.

Dan Meusel – Being an outgoing kid with a great sense of humor that was friendly to most.

Ashley Coe – Being the fun happy girl that I am.

AJ Bongiovanni – My awesome six pack abs.

Danny Pisano – All the times I stepped foot on a football field under the lights.

Jocelyn Bertrand – My love for fun.

Brandon Moore – Always being able to make people laugh even in the worst situations.

Michelle Reid – A person that did what they wanted to do and not live in anyone’s shadows.

Kevin Foy – Being a really nice troublemaker.

Jeanette Larosiliere – My outgoing, adventurous, kind-hearted attitude.

Bri Ugalde – Being awesome.

Rachel LaBrunda – My cheery moods and for taking pictures at every basketball and football game.

Nicole Linnartz – Always being there for people to have fun and being the best stat girl the wrestling team has had.

Alex Whiteman – Being me.

Chris Seely – My awesome body.

Darling Chandia – Being a respectful person.

Ashley Cole – All the work I did in student council and being really outgoing and friendly to everyone.

Taylor Wilson – Never failing to be myself no matter what people thought of me and to never fail at being that girl who randomly breaks into dance; like my SunDrop commercial reenactment during lunch.

Sierra Hudson – My funny personality, my plant laugh, my involvement in drama club, select chorus, mock trial and the academic team.

Jen Levine – Being Head of Tech for Drama Club.

Kiersten Atkins – Being a funny outgoing person who was involved in soccer, basketball and track.

Emily Magyar – My musical abilities and involvement in marching band and concert band as well as the shenanigans with Jen Levine (Frick and Frack!) Sierra Hudson (THIS IS HIS HOUSE) Kiersten Maegerlein and her girl scout troop.

Andrew Davies – Being sassy and sarcastic and for being “that gay guy.”

Monique Alarcon – Being smart and funny… for being Momo, I don’t know….

Ashley Green – My artistic abilities; with the help of all the art teachers here I truly blossomed.

Michelle Archambault – Being a nice and caring person. Sure, you can be remembered for being smart or talented, but being remembered for being a good person is a real accomplishment.

Jesse Nelson – My sweet white head band during basketball games.

Nick Calo – Being the best looking with my best friend Alex Lieberman.

Chris Ives – Being varsity goalie and giving my all in anything I did.

Alex Lieberman – My great looks with my best friend Nick Calo.

Kacey Tiersch – Never giving up when things got hard and difficult.

Vivian Wong – Being “the singer” of my class.

Jessica Daubenberger – Being the senior that would help anyone who needed it.

Shaina DiNapoli – Being one of those twins that are always so nice and for being stage manager and Head of Make-Up in Drama Club!

Emily DiNapoli – Always being happy, my ability to sing, and my being a twin that I couldn’t live without.

Katharine Callahan – Being a friend.

Stephen Duncan – Not being lazy; being funny and athletic.

Alec Grabinski – My friendliness/weird/outgoing attitude. For all the people I potentially touched in some way; showing them a part of me, for the helping hand I’ve offered.

Kelly Salazar: My dedication and the effort I put into my work. I give everything 100% so it’d be nice to be remembered for that.

Richard Lavery – How hard I worked in bettering this school and for giving the students a voice.

Donya Forst – Being a smart, kind, respectful person as well as a great leader, soccer player and coach.

Jake Parisi – My desire to help others and my fashion-forward and daring style.

Kate Kearns – Helping to improve the school through both school council and NHS. For being friendly and outgoing and for always being there to help out.

Kathryn Barnish – How I could really be friends with anyone despite how quiet I was and how I always tried to be nice to everyone.

Ming Zhang – Being a cheerful, out-going person with a positive attitude.

Patrick Menagh – Being an all-around good person.

Alex Bird – Being “that guy” meaning a very dangerous and wonderful person.

Andre Tan – Being multi-talented.

Catrina Russo – My love for burritos.

Michelle Grigoras – Being awesome.

Kelsey Spaziani – Being nice and friendly to most people. I also want to be known as one of the most athletic people in my grade.

Joe Nowak – Helping people in need.

Tiffany Ott – How hard I worked and my kindness and how I made the best of everything.

Danielle Barone – Being the nice and sweet one.

Allie Rohlff – My crazy personality!!!

Bryan Lance – Being kind-hearted and caring.

Daniel Lopez – My personality.

Rebecca Falconetti – Making a difference to my brother and helping him in his class since I was in 8th grade.

Tyler DiMuccio – My personality.

Emily Silveira – Making a difference as big as an elephant and as tall as a skyscraper.

Jason Hemmerich – Being that loud, goofy kid.

Jennifer Wimbush – Making a difference and being the best I can be.


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