Review: Gatsby? What Gatsby? (2013)

As an admirer of this stunning novel, I anticipated more from the film adaptation. The music was all wrong, the picture direction was off-kilter, and the storyline was unjustly interfered with. In accordance to being deemed a great American novel, the luxurious history of the time period was not exhibited to the viewers. All of that rich antiquity was replaced with the booming tracks produced by Jay-Z. While the movie lacked many strong proponents, the actors and actresses did a magnificent job at truly manifesting the characters straight from the book.

Generally speaking, the majority of the cast made the movie enjoyable. The way Carey Mulligan pouted left me entranced with the feeling that she was Daisy, and vice versa. Then as Joel Edgerton entered the room, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the presence of the very intimidating Tom Buchanan. The sole character I would have changed would be Tobey Maguire as the role of Nick Caraway. I feel as though he did not fully take on the role of the very submissive but introverted narrator that was the voice of the novel.

To be quite honest, I would not recommend this movie to anybody that read the novel. The luster and romance was bludgeoned by the new age music of our young generation. The classical elegance was dead; there was no way to tell that the movie took place in the 20’s. I was stuck between wondering two things: If time had been fast forwarded to 2013 or whether the Flappers in the Speak Easies were twerking or not. So that leaves just one last question: Gatsby? What Gatsby?

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