Take A Moment

As graduation approaches, we begin to reminisce and remember all the memories and friends the past four years have given us. Instead of looking forward at where we’re going to be, who we will become, and where life will take us; we find ourselves looking back, trying to find something or someone to hold on to. Everyone may shrug it off—pretend like they can’t wait to get out of here—but deep down, we all know we’re going to miss something about this place.

Time flies by so fast; it’s almost scary. Only four years ago we were all freshman; nervous and jittery, starting over again. Now it seems we’re back in the same place. But this time is different because many of us are leaving home for a new world; a place where we can be ourselves and strive because of it.

Success is right around the corner. We need to reach out and embrace it, but not without remembering where we came from. Whether it is a lesson we learned or a memory we shared, a piece of high school will always be with us, no matter where we go. These lessons and memories will be a reminder of how hard we worked to have a prosperous future.

I say this to my fellow graduates: As hard as it is to let go and say goodbye to some of the most important and influential people in your life, you’re at this point because of them. They shaped you into the person you are; ready to be set free and accomplish great things.

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