It’s a Jersey Thing

The upcoming Hopatcong High School play, Midsummer/Jersey, was cast last Friday with students representing all classes. The four leads of the play include junior Alexis Mott, junior Cassidy Sandry, junior Chase Wolff, and sophomore Sean Higgins.

Midsummer/Jersey, slated for December 5-8, is a re-telling of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream. The play is set in a seaside town in modern-day New Jersey.

“[During the summer] I was reading a play and on the back cover of the play was an advertisement for this particular play,” said HHS drama teacher Joseph Ross.

Before practice could begin, each roles had to be cast. According to Ross, even though there were twenty-seven parts that needed to be filled, he wasn’t concerned. He wanted to give as many people as possible a chance to be on stage, which is why he didn’t use his original choice which only included ten roles.

For some, tryouts can seem daunting even for those who have auditioned before. Sandry, having been in five HHS productions, said that she was “nervous as always” adding that auditioning “definitely gets easier.”

Freshman Devin Belotti said he felt “amazing” during the audition even though he wasn’t originally going to act.

Some people, such as Sandry, were originally on the fence about joining drama club as well, but now she believes that everyone in it closely resembles a large family.

Midsummer/Jersey is believed, by Ross, to be one of the most difficult productions the drama club has ever done. People involved still have high hopes for it, including Ross, who said that he is “nervous…but confident.”


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