Pep Rally Kicks off New Season

In effort to increase school spirit for HHS students participating in fall sports, a pep rally was held in the main auditorium on September 20, kicking off what seems to be a promising season.

The rally began by surprising students with a musical introduction drummed out on garbage cans by the HHS Marching Band. Students, sitting with their respective classes, were treated with several other performances, such as the cheerleaders’ recital and competitive games between different teams.

“I thought it was fun; I liked how all the sports were a part of the pep rally,” said senior student Pamela Hon. “It’s something I’d remember; it’s a high school memory.”

Throughout the duration of the pep rally, chants between grades became a competition for noise. Each class chanted for their teams, their own classes, and themselves.

Freshman joined in the chant in what freshman Franchesca Pizarro termed as shy.“ It was peppy,” said Pizarro. “The seniors were really loud.”

Student council advisor, Mr. Jeff Ryder, recognized a different freshman class. He praised the visible spirit. “I thought it was really good, because the freshmen class had a lot more things on the wall and they were a lot louder, so they were more part of it.”

According to Ryder, past freshman have sat back, but this year, being the first pep rally, they were just as loud as everybody else. “The enthusiasm came from all four grades,” said Ryder.

Reacting to the high school’s first pep rally of the new year, Ryder said, “We set the bar high.”

The pep rally was the culmination of “spirit week,” a  tradition at HHS.  Each day, during spirit weak, a “peppy” theme is chosen to dictate the date.  Thursday’s be your favorite hero day proved to be a spirited herald of Friday’s pep rally.



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