Another Shadow Day Success!









Photos by Maria Schwartz



HHS students and teachers celebrated another successful Shadow Day that took place on Friday, January 31st. In honor of Groundhog Day, each year, students choose a teacher whom they will “shadow” for an entire day. This includes dressing up as the teachers and helping them in their classes.

According to HHS Student Council Adviso, Mr. Jeff Ryder, the day began around 9 or 10 years ago when introduced to our school by a former Student Council president, Anna Chen. She had discovered the idea online.

Ryder pointed out that this year’s Shadow Day consisted of 35 students and 35 teachers. “It went pretty well,” said Ryder, pointing out that they even switched up this year’s lunch format by allowing the students and teachers to choose their own individual sandwiches rather than the traditional six-foot sub. As nice as it was for the shadow day participants, unfortunately for everyone else, the smell of onions lingered all throughout the B-Wing.

Ryder assured us that next year, they’ll be sure to “hold the onions.” Kudos to a day well done!


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