Hopatcong Competes in Academic Bowl

Hopatcong High School students competed at an Academic Bowl Invitational at Mountain Lakes High School on Saturday, January 4. Mrs. Heather DelBagno took a team of three seniors: Janine Munoz, Frank Schooner and Pat Stanton to compete against other schools from as far away as Connecticut.

The competition involved eight rounds, each against a different team. A round consisted of twenty questions from a variety of topics; there was a buzzer system in each room which decided which team got to answer the questions. Hopatcong won 3 out of 8 games.  It was their first year competing in an academic bowl competition like this.

“The buzzer system is not something we are used to. The Hopatcong Academic Team participates in competitions that are based on turns and not speed, so this sort of Academic Bowl competition took some getting used to,” said senior, Janine Munoz.

 Frank Schooner stated that the experience “was pretty fun and enlightening,” pointing out that he would do it again.

 “It was an interesting learning experience and has encouraged me to want to participate in more of these types of competitions,” said Mrs. DelBagno.

This is the first year Mountain Lakes invited Hopatcong to the academic competition. Mrs. DelBagno hopes to bring a team again.


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