Bull’s-eye—Playing Catch-up!

George Clapsis, Cassidy Sandry, and Rhiannon Bender

Anything you can do, I can do better. Or, at least, that is what Hopatcong Drama Club professes! The time is counting down for the first production of Annie Get Your Gun that will be performed at Hopatcong High School on April 3, 4th, and 5th.

With five rehearsals missed due to snow days, it has been a struggle for the Drama Club as they get ready to perform one of the most engaging theatrical events. They “are confident but still know how much is left to accomplish in the coming weeks,” said director and drama teacher, Mr. Joe Ross.

Annie Get Your Gun promises to be  a musical that will leave you dancing in the streets. It is a production that offers yet another excellent fit for Hopatcong audiences with a great musical score  that is set in the American West.

Annie Oakley, played by junior Cassidy Sandry, is a poor, but high-spirited country girl – who lives by her native sharp-shooting. Her talent quickly makes her the star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show where she meets and falls in love with expert rifleman Frank Butler (senior Ryan Taesler). Unfortunately, the wheels turn around for the tough, outspoken Annie as she is not Frank’s idea of what a wife should be, thus leaving the two at competitive odds.

This classic play not only “is perfect for the little kids and adults,” said Sandry, but it also promises to be exciting, vibrant, tuneful, and altogether a wonderful experience.

It is a “great show (that has a) great crew. Come see it!” said technical director and HHS teacher, Mr. Michael Batche. Annie Get Your Gunis the musical you’ve been waiting and wishing for!  

George Clapsis, Devin Belotti, Chase Wolff, and Cassidy Sandry

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