No Business Like HHS Show Business!

            Hopatcong High School brought music and comedy to our school this spring, when they performed Annie Get Your Gun as the annual spring musical. Not only did the performance keep the audience laughing, but the acting, singing, and even our fabulous pit band, was spot on.

            If you didn’t know of this musical before this spring, you know about it now. This musical, set in the wild-west really proved there is no business like show business with the wonderful performances of the diverse cast.

            The two lead roles—the famous sharpshooter, Annie Oakley, and her romantic interest, sharpshooter Frank Butler— were played by Cassidy Sandry and Ryan Taesler. Both displayed great singing and acting skills all four nights.

            With so many Freshman joining the Drama Club this year, there were many who were a part of this year’s musical, and one was even given a lead role. The role of Charlie Davenport, manager of the wild-west show, was played by Freshmen Devin Belotti. The pleasantly loud and eccentric character of the famous Buffalo Bill, owner and founder of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show was played by Chase Wolff. With wonderful voice, acting, and singing on Wolff’s part, Buffalo Bill proved to be one of the more top-notch characters.

            All HHS drama club characters and dancers were very important in making this spring musical an exciting show of impressive talent. In addition to the performances displayed by the cast, the music provided by our pit band was nothing to overlook. The orchestra, directed and conducted by Mr. Kurt Zimmerman, was pleasant to the ear, and kept the performance exciting. Mrs. Barbara Fersch, who accompanied the band on the piano, is definitely worthy of recognition. Her beautiful playing and effort she put into the musical, by helping and improving the actors with their singing, is greatly appreciated by all. Let’s face it, without the pit band and their music, there is no musical at all.

             Mr. Michael Batche, the man behind-the-scenes, puts his heart into everything he does with each drama production. Not only does he construct and paint the sets with help of the construction and paint crew, but he, along with the fabulous tech crew, is the main reason we have lights and sound during all HHS productions. The microphones ran quite smoothly this year, and the lighting (spot-lights included) really brought life and vibrancy to the stage.

            The vast audiences brought in by this year’s spring production shows that Mr. Joe Ross, director of the HHS Drama Club, really knows what he is doing, and the same goes for the cast and crew.


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