HHS Graduate Will Attend Oxford University in the Fall

2012 HHS graduate and Salutatorian, Clifford Lundin, will be attending Oxford University, in Oxford, England this fall semester.  The prestigious semester abroad program is known as OSAP, or the Oxford Study Abroad Programme, and works in unison with the Washington International Studies Counsel, known as the WISC. Lundin will be one of three students from New College of Florida, going to Oxford this fall semester.  

“I’ve always known I’ve wanted to travel abroad somewhere in Europe.  So, when I was working with the study abroad adviser at New College, she suggested a few programs in England, as well in Denmark.  Upon examining all of the study abroad options available to me, I determined that Oxford would be the best fit,” said Lundin.

According to Lundin, he will have a scholarship that covers part of the tuition, but not all of it.  The scholarship is actually coming through his school as part of the normal financial aid that he receives. Lundin currently receives part-scholarship to attend New College.

Lundin first became interested in Oxford when he vacationed in the United Kindgom with his family  in 2013. Oxford was one of their stops. “The grounds are extremely beautiful and I fell in love with it,” said Lundin. 

According to Lundin, he will be living in campus housing, but not actually on campus.  It will be in the town of Oxford, England, and will be no more than a 15 minute walk from campus.  

Lundin expects the education to be different from American education. “I will be studying using a tutorial system, which I believe is something that is only utilized at Oxford.  It may be used other places, but I know not every school in England uses it.  What that means is that a student gets to work with an individual professor in a field that the student wishes to study.  Essentially, I get to design what books and articles I will be reading during the semester with the help and guidance of the professor.” Lunden expects to be writing approximately 6 pages each week for each tutorial.  “I will have one main tutorial that lasts for 9 weeks, so by the end I will have written 9 papers for that tutorial,” said Lundin.  

Lundin will also be taking a secondary tutorial that meets every other week and only has 5 sessions.  

According to Lundin, he can essentially choose anything within the field of psychology and explore it in-depth.   Lundin pointed out that it has always been a dream of his to study, even just for a semester, at an extremely reputable school.  

“I’m definitely most excited to interact with people who aren’t American,” said Lundin. “ I’m ready to delve into a different culture and see the world from a different perspective.  This is an amazing opportunity, and I am ready to be abroad for an extended period of time.”

HHS wishes this successful graduate “great traveling” and awaits his report upon return.




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