Looking into the Crystal Ball

You pull back a thick purple curtain and see an aged woman sitting at a table in front of you. She seems very old and wise with years of secrets and knowledge hanging  from her face in wrinkles. She sits behind a small circular table with a stack of cards and rainbow gemstones splayed out everywhere. The air is thick with the perfumed stink of incense. It doesn’t seem like you just walked off a boardwalk. Seconds ago you walked into a shop lit with cheap fluorescent signs, but now you are in another world. Now, you’re future seems already laid out, waiting to be read…

Tarot card reading seems to be a growing trend amongst not only teenagers, but also among young adults.  Adults of all ages are turning to tarot reading to try to figure out their futures and predict the unknown. Even long ago, we as humans sought to find out what is naturally unknown to us. Since stories such as Oedipus, and the Odyssey, characters have been seeking their fate, and what will happen to them. We humans are curious creatures and are very concerned with what could, and what will happen.

Tarot reading follows the concept of knowing what is supposed to be unknown. You can go to a psychic and seek a specific answer or just to find out what is in store for you. When you ask for a certain amount of cards to be read, that number determines what question will be answered. For instance, in a “three- card read,” the first card represents the past, the second the present, and the last the future. In a “ten-card read,” there are more cards, involving specifics of the past/present/future, but also cards explaining unknown feats such as your driving power, your inner weaknesses, and your personal strengths. Usually, a psychic does the reading, but anyone can, as long as he/she knows how to read the cards.

There are many different styles of cards; the art on them is usually very intricate and beautiful. The cards can read in many different ways and can be misconstrued if read by the wrong person. For example, a reader can draw a death card and tell someone that it means that he/she is going to die. This is a widespread mistake. The death card simply means that something has ended, and that there will soon be rebirth; it is the beginning of something. There is belief that the person getting the reading must shuffle the cards in order to put his/her energy into them. This will then answer some underlying questions.

There is also talk that tarot reading is not true. The cards can simply mean nothing, and  readings could just be made to be a form of entertainment. This is similar to the childhood game M.A.S.H. The game cannot determine whether you are really going to live in a mansion or hut, but people like thinking about the future as if they know what will happen. There are some people who believe that tarot reading is a hoax, and we humans are too hooked on seeing the underlying meaning when in fact there is none.

Much controversy surrounds this topic. Many agree that the only reason why unfortunate events happen to us is because we’re being punished for deeds or for seeking what we’re meant not to know. It is true that the actions that follow us seeking the future may lead us to it, but is that the only reason we took our actions?

There are also others who say that we seek our fate to find out how to properly prepare for it. Shows such as Long Island Medium have opened many people’s eyes to not just finding out their fate, but to speaking to the dead. Many people believe this is a great way to find closure when you’re seeking it. Others strongly believe communicating with the dead is nothing but a hoax.

One truth to all of this is that whether you’re going into a high class psychic shop, or you decide to go with your friends to the boardwalk just for fun, tarot reading can be a fun and interesting experience.

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