Students Last Privilege?

Everybody who has ever stepped into the chorus room knows about Mrs. Barbara Fersch’s historical walls. Fersch, the chorus teacher and piano teacher has walls covered with memorials of her student’s love of her. The artful notes are filled with their feeling of music and life.

But the question never asked is how her writings started. According to Fersch the seniors of 2005 started by painting the musical quotes on the walls, which then evolved into seniors leaving more personal messages. Every year since the present senior classes have contributed.

The writings are reminders of students who made amazing contributions to the music department, both creatively and personally. According to Fersch, she is reminded everyday of how much music is a part of her students’ lives.

Almost every senior who has ever had Fersch is allowed to write on her walls. Occasionally, someone will choose a quote that is not exactly “school appropriate,” so the student and Fersch will revise it or choose something more suitable.

Fersch has read all of the quotes numerous times. Often times, she sits and reads them many times over; however, Fersch has never really thought about writing on the walls herself. She would rather maintain it as a student legacy—a coming of age rite. According to Fersch if she ever runs out of room on the walls, she will either, “cry or retire!”

Fersch loves to see meaningful song lyrics and quotes specifically about music on her walls. She also marvels at some of the beautifully drawn artwork.

Unfortunately, some of the names have faded, so it’s hard to remember who contributed every quote. But according to Fersch, she can put a face to every name she can read!

Fersch said, “The beautiful words in my room remind me on a daily basis why I became a music teacher. They serve as my inspiration to continue teaching. I fell blessed and humbled to have had the privilege to teach so many wonderful people.”

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  1. Barbara Fersch
    May 10, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    Thank you, Kirsten, for a beautiful article. It means so much to me that it means something to you!

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