Girls’ Soccer Brings in the Win


9/30/2014: Hopatcong Vs. Sussex County Technical School

 As the Lady Chiefs’ soccer team awoke that Tuesday morning, a chill flowed through their veins, their adrenaline already pumping for the game later that day. All they had to do was get through the school day, get on the bus, and they would be on Sussex Tech’s soccer field, ready to go head to head and battle against their rival team.

All players on the HHS Girls’ Soccer Team were pumped for this game, as they has previously beaten Sussex Tech a few weeks prior. They knew that Tech was going to attempt a comeback, but the Lady Chiefs were in it to win it.

 Senior Emily Grant was the first to score in the game. Grant followed senior Barbara Ortiz’s, cross from left forward, kicking the ball into the net as she caught the rebound from top post. Grant’s goal quickly gave the Lady Chiefs energy and excitement as they were ahead in the game.

Sussex Tech then scored, but Freshman Jess Alvarez earned a goal shortly after, as she scored on an indirect kick outside the eighteen yard line. Again, this put the Lady Chiefs ahead. With only a few minutes remaining in the game, Sussex Tech tied the game, as one of their players headed the ball into Hopatcong’s goal, tying the score 2-2.

With only seconds remaining, Ortiz received a beautiful pass that both the midfield and defensive line worked hard for, and managed her way through Tech’s defensive line, for the game winning goal.

Exhilarated, the Lady Chiefs beat Sussex Tech, earning their second win of the season that afternoon.

  “Sussex Tech has always been our rival, a team we could beat,” said Grant. “This was my last time ever feeling that rivalry, since I am a senior, and scoring and feeling that victory was indescribable. I wouldn’t be able to do it without my best friend and my fellow captain Barbara who also scored. I am so proud of what the team has become,” Grant added.

Returning coach from the undefeated 1992 Hopatcong High School soccer team, Coach From, couldn’t be more proud of his team.

Such sentiments also came from the girls’ team. “I knew this game was a big one; you could feel the tension between both teams on the field. We fought until the end and came out on top,” said Ortiz.


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