Chiefs’ Morning News Off to a Great Start

[Photo by Tatiana Karram]

Live from Hopatcong High School, The Arrow TV broadcasts live morning announcements to HHS staff and students. From Monday to Friday, the staff and students now enjoy the ability to watch the Chiefs’ Morning News during homeroom through the access of Smart-boards. These broadcasts have replaced the old-school loud speakers. Now, instead of hearing the morning announcements, students watch them unravel live on screen.   

Having started in the spring of 2014, The Arrow TV cast new members this school year. Riley Dixon and James Vilardo, the new anchors, have been broadcasting the announcements as well as capturing the viewers’ attention since this September. Following the announcements, the viewers hear the weather forecast by Ana Filomeno and teacher Michael Juskus’s WTLB.

 “It’s letting the chemistry evolve naturally, bringing some key people together and seeing what transpires,” said George Segale, the leader of the operation.

 The roots of these live broadcasts that take place in the TV studio have indeed evolved over the past year. Chiefs’ Morning News, which began  with a green piece of plywood and a tiny camcorder in an old storage room, now unfolds every morning in a professionally turned studio during homeroom.

  According to Segale, “Pre-production starts first thing in the morning even before the first bell rings. We have our teller-prompter operator feverishly typing away, entering all the announcements. We have our talent where Riley and James will come in a do a read through of the teller- prompter. At that point, our technical director will start running through all the different camera cuts, if we’re inserting graphics or videos. Then we go into sound checks, video checks, and from there we start at our live stream and go to stand-by mode. There’s a lot that goes on, probably a solid hour before the show even streams live.”

 The live broadcasts are of key importance, informing students of upcoming events. Instead of listening to the once distant announcements from the loud-speaker, students now have the opportunity to see actual news being broadcasted by their very own classmates. The Chiefs’ Morning News has resulted in an increase in positive attitude and energy amongst the school community, as well as an increase in communication skills.

 According to Segale, “We’re going to start ejecting new segments and there’s going to be a lot of fun new things coming in 2015, so definitely stay tuned.”


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