Staff Babies

Look at the students sitting around you.  What if that student was a 17-yearold Lewis Benfatti?  Or even a  freshman named James Marino? 

Teachers rummaged through their old photo books as 35 members of the Hopatcong staff signed up to have their baby pictures used in a contest.  Mr. Jason Mulvihills Staff Babies contest incorporated the photos into a poster that was displayed in the cafeteria.  Students and faculty paid to guess whose baby picture was whose.  The price was $5 per staff member and $2 per student. 

The top prize– a $50 gift certificate to Franks Pizzeriawas awarded to Vice Principal David Pierson. Proceeds from the fund raiser went to the FIT (Freshman In Transition) program.

Pearson correctly guessed 23 of the 35 pictures. When asked his opinion on future activities of this nature, Person said, I do think they should do more of these kinds of things.  It brings school spirit, and it was a fun, harmless activity.     

This display of baby pictures also begs the question of what teachers were like in high school or in the years prior.  Some teachers werent afraid to admit that their grades werent always on point. I wasnt a stellar student,said HHS English teacher Mrs. Christine Kalemba, but I was a stable student.  I got my work done. 

HHS Phys-Ed teacher Mr. Brook Ganguzza said that he remembered being a good student, and an athlete, but like many students at Hopatcong now, he had to cut back on extra-curricular activities to sustain a job.

In regard to their early years, many teachers were exactly the kind of kid youd have expected them to be.  Mr. Dominic Schiavone referred to himself, in his usual extremely audible and ecstatic manor, as Talkative! Anybody who has to ask, doesnt know Schiavone! 

Mrs. Loren Turner only needed one word to describe herself: Precautious.

Other teachers were opposite of what youd think them to be. Athletic directory Mr. Chris Bugslovsky described himself as, very VERY shy, extremely shy.

Its interesting for students to stop and think about their teachers in this way; its also a way for students to connect to their teachers by reminding them that teachers were once students too. For the students who want to be teachers, remember this contest: all may eventually come back to haunt you!  Or better yet, remember this: teachers are people too.

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