Alice in Hopatcong

Photos by Tatiana Karram

On November 27-30, 2014, the Hopatcong High School Drama Club showcased their fall play of Alice in Wonderland. The play told the story of Alice who, after falling asleep, enters the magical but backwards world of wonderland. Her only way to get home is to become a queen.

During her journey Alice meets a string of strange characters all the while trying to avoid being beheaded by the dreaded queen of hearts. The production starred Alexis Mott as Alice, Devin Belotti as the White Rabbit, Cassidy Sandry as the Queen of Hearts, and Ryan Taesler as the Mad Hatter. 

The play begins with Alice lying by a tree, complaining about how hot a day it is and how boring the book she reading is. Right from the get-go, it’s clear that Mott perfectly embodies the seven-and-a-half-year-old Alice. In fact, most of the characters portray their roles greatly. Between the spectacular costumes to the even more spectacular acting, it was hard to believe that these were students putting on a play. Taesler’s mad hatter seemed completely crazy and Sandry’s queen of hearts even intimidated the audience. 

The component that really made the audience feel as if they were in Wonderland, though, was the effects. When Alice first jumped into the rabbit hole, it was clear that this show was going to be a good one. The combination of spinning lights and sound made it seem as if Mott was really entering a new world. The effects became even better when the Cheshire Cat came onto the stage, played by Aubrey McCarrick. A video of her was projected onto a tree on the stage, making it seem as if she appeared and disappeared.

Overall, this play was the best one the drama club has put on in years. For all of those who didn’t see it, you really missed out. Hopefully the musical will be just as exciting.  

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