♥ Getting asked to prom the right way has always been every high school girl’s dream. The Arrow asked Hopatcong’s student body what they believe the best way to ask someone to prom is. Here are the BEST results.

♥ According to students at Hopatcong High School, the best way to ask another to the prom is….

♥ Ask her teacher to go into her class and sing to her.

♥ Ask, using some type of food.

♥ Bring them a pizza and in the box, write:  Go to the prom with me? Or is this this too cheesy?

♥ Ask at basketball game.

♥ Flash mob!

♥ Ask over the loud speaker.

♥ Ask during ArrowT.V.

♥ Parachute down from the sky, holding a bow and arrow; then shoot the arrows alternatively, asking her/him  to prom.

♥ Take them skiing.

♥ Ask with a sign and flowers.

♥ Say: Go to prom with me!

♥ During an assembly, go on stage, and ask with flowers.

♥ A blimp, or roses around/about their car

♥ Ask with a ring-pop.

♥ Through text—it really sets the mood.

♥ On a jumbotron at a sporting event.

♥ Telepathically ask between one mind to another. That way you would know you two are on the same page.

♥ Take her hunting.

♥ Put different colored lights under the snow that spell out: “Will you go to prom with?”

♥ Through 80’s movies references (You’d look pretty in pink.)

♥ Ask with a song

 ♥ Step 1 – Dress like a pokemon trainer

Step 2 – Get Pokeball

Step 3 – Walk to her/him and say I chose you

Step 4 – Profit.

♥ Jumping out of a box.

♥ Hire an airplane: spell it out in the sky.

♥ Ask with a poem/song.

♥ Do something personal.

♥ Walk into room with a prom sign hanging

♥ Have Lil B ask your date to prom for you

♥ When you go to Ocean City and are on the beach, write it out in the sand.

♥ In the cafeteria, jump up on the lunch table, tell the whole cafeteria to be quiet…then ask.

♥ Buy them a cake and leave it on their doorstep, or have the office call them down.  Not extremely public.

♥ Buy them wings and when they open them, have a note that says: I’ve never done this before, so I’ll just wing it.” Humor is the best way to someone’s heart.

♥ Have a scavenger hunt and create a song to sing to the person. The end of the hunt would be the person asking them, with flowers in hand.

The best way to ask someone to prom is with your heart. There never really needs to be this extravagancy to it. If you ask from your heart, you should always get a “yes!”



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