Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day in school. Do they go together? Reporters Glenn Haines and James Vilardo are looking for the answers. They visited the Hopatcong High School cafeteria and asked the questions about the big day. What they found…might surprise you!


Glenn Haines- What are you doing for Valentine’s day?

Mike Dillion (12)- Drop a mixtape (as Mike and Glenn feed each other candied hearts)

 Rose Schult (12)-  I’m going to a track meet, in Boston, with my boyfriend.

Brian Dickson (12)- Well, I’m gonna set up a bunch of roses, and then my laptop, and I’m just gonna go on Netflix!

Ryan Lasher (9)-  Probably staying home. What about you?

Anton Pezzano (11)- You know, call up a few girls. Bring them down to the crib.

Andrew Nee (11)- You know Andy Nee has a girlfriend; she’s pretty beautiful, you know. Kayla, she’s nice, she’s nice. Probably give her a nice day, take her out to a nice dinner, and chill back at her house. Nice little Valentines… whatever. 


GH- What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Desmond Lugo (11)- To McDonalds. I really do love buying my girl… like expensive food, but in this case, McChickens do hit the spot. 

GH- So what’s the perfect date for Kurt Hergert! Riding around in grease lightening saying “ayy babe. How you doin, huh?”

 Kurt Hergert (9)- Yup.

                                 BD(12)- What would be your choice of a perfect date?

 GH-Would you consider going out with me one day?

KH (9)- No.

Mauro Fernandez(10)- I would need to build up the self-esteem first.

 GH- Now let’s say, I don’t have a girlfriend, let’s say this guy is a reporter, maybe a little bit of acne, a little bit of ears sticking out. Maybe he’s nervous around cute girls. How should you suggest he start talking to some girls. How should he approach the women?

 AP (11)-. [    ……                                                                                    ]

 We also asked what they were going to do with their significant other (if they had one). We were given two very different answers.


 AN(11)- We’re still working out where we’re going to go for a nice dinner. Go for some dinner, you know a little present exchange, just a little something.


 RS (12)-  I’m going to a track meet, In Boston, with my boyfriend.

 GH: Now on a scale from one to not-at-all, how romantic is that?

 RS (12)- Zero.



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