HHS Students Attend College Fair

It’s an epidemic that will affect most teenagers, usually in their junior year of high school. There is no cure for this disease, unless of course, you know how to deal with it beforehand. The menacing culprit? Not knowing what to do, or where to start with colleges.

Sussex County Technical School has started a process to find a cure. Their recent college fair, this past April, has been a huge success with multiple schools represented during this fair. Hopatcong High School was lucky enough to be one of the select few schools to be included in this program.

This college fair provided an abundant supply of information to all of the students that attended. It was very successful due to the interest of the students and the helpful information that was given from the colleges themselves. Pamphlets were handed out as well as color changing cups and pencils! How cool is that? This got the attention of many students.

Everywhere one walked, he/she saw a student carrying a yellow bag, with pamphlets inside, talking with college representatives. The pamphlets provided information about the school and what GPA one should have; they also provided information about the college itself and the life a student would have if he/she attended that college.

Some colleges pointed out what they offered and what they didn’t. Others said what SAT or ACT scores would help a student get into that college. Others talked about the neighborhood of the college, whether it was in an urban or suburban area.

Colleges, such as The Lincoln University, Quinnipiac, Penn State, etc made a great impact on students. There were many colleges and many great people there to represent those colleges.

Some people say that college will bring the best years of our lives! Whatever one believes, college offers a next “big” step—a college fair can help students conquer that one huge leap.

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