The Future Teachers Academy Moves Forward

What does a children’s book, a high school service project, dog toys, and a crazy group of kids have in common? They are all guided by the HHS F.T.A. [Future Teachers Academy].

The Future Teachers Academy is a school club that is home to the state of NJ. Every month or so, select schools attend a field trip during or after school to learn how to be a successful leader. It is a great way for students to meet other students who have innovative ideas about welcoming freshman, keeping school spirit, or even to keep kids wearing their ID cards.

Hopatcong High School was well represented this past April by students who were chosen by Mrs. Mary Ellen Fata and Mrs. Stephanie Martinez to attend the recent meeting. Our students proudly taught the joining schools how HHS coordinated and organized the Hopatcong F.I.T. program, which will hopefully make it easier for them to integrate the program into their schools.

Hopatcong High School has only recently been introduced into the Future Teachers Academy, and, it is already one of the most interactive academic clubs in the school; its many members work cooperatively to help themselves and several communities. This group of students, headed by Mrs. Stephanie Martinez, strives to make underprivileged children have a better education by offering immediate and future projects to accomplish that goal. Currently, there are two active projects in the club.

First, there is an ongoing process to create a children’s book that will bolster the effort to help children who can’t attend school, in either domestic or foreign countries, and help them learn English as either a first or second language. One idea for the basic structure of the story includes different nationalities in the book; thus, if they were to read the short-story to children, every child could have a connection.

Second, the group has been looking to complete a high school service project, in which students can help teach children English. So far, there has been an interest in going out of the country between the members, so that they could go visit and experience how teaching is in foreign schools. The group, as a whole, has been pitching clever ideas to fuse their children’s book into their service project; many believe they can create a story that will interest children who don’t live in North America.

The Future Teachers Academy in Hopatcong has already had a successful clothing drive to donate new toys to dogs at a local pound. They called upon their classmates to help tear old clothes which were than braided and tied into dog toys after school one day. The help was a great movement and they were able to donate enough for the dogs at the pound.

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