Fall Season Kicks off with a Bang

Spirits ran high on Friday afternoon, September 18, when Hopatcong High School put on their annual fall sports pep rally. The enthusiasm of all the classes was audible through everyone’s cheers and chants. The band performed their signature trash can drumming, which only increased school spirit. 


According to senior Melissa Vilardo the first pep rally of the year was “spirited and full of energy”. 


Between each introduction of the athletes, the band and cheerleaders kept the excitement at its full potential through music and cheers. After the football players were announced, the cheerleaders carried out their new routine, making the crowds go wild. 


“It was a really bittersweet experience going to my last ‘first’ pep rally of the year,” said senior Jessica Jones. “It’s such a sentimental experience that I will miss.”


Before its end, each class made as much noise as possible to prove they are the most passionate class. There was a tie between the junior and senior class, but each grade left all ears ringing.


School student council Vice President Cassie Koets said, “It was a great opening to the school year. I can’t wait for the winter pep rally where we get to do more activities and really show off our school spirit”. 




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