Pretty in Pink is Still Quite Colorful

Back to the Classics with Melissa

Pretty in Pink is a timeless coming-of-age film that stirs up the emotions and reminds us of what it feels like to be a high school student faced with bullies and cliques. Director John Hughes’ style allows the viewers to feel connected to each character, as the film accurately portrays the innocence of a high school love.

The film portrays Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) as a poor high school senior who falls in love with a rich boy, Blane (Andrew McCarthy). Despite their interest in each other, Andie’s and Blane’s friends are not as welcoming to their relationship because of their different social classes. Andie confides in her best friend, Duckie Dale (Jon Cryer), who is hopelessly in love with her, and Iona (Annie Potts) her eccentric older friend, who manages the record shop where she works. Andie must overcome her internal struggles in order to decide what is truly important to her.

Even though the movie clearly screams the 80’s with its catchy soundtrack, and its over the top fashion, Pretty in Pink is still relatable. The struggles that Andie overcomes with cliques, and first loves are still relevant in any high school.

With a rating of 8/10 rating, I recommend this classic film. I loved how the viewer is able to feel the passion of each character, even in the moments when no words are said.  Overall, the movie is very touching with its romance, yet still comical in the scenes when Duckie expresses his love for Andie. This film is bound to make you feel nostalgic; the memories of your first love, your high school best friend, and your senior prom will come flooding back after watching Pretty in Pink.  

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