Students Carry on HHS Tradition

HHS students and staff celebrated a week-long Spirit Week that culminated in Homecoming football game on October 23. Homecoming King senior Ben Carreno, and Homecoming Queen senior Dana Bibeaut were crowned at the Friday night event.

The week began on Monday with Pajama Day, followed by Tourist Day on Tuesday, Superhero Day on Wednesday, Throwback Day on Thursday, and Spirit Day on Friday. “I liked Tourist Day,” said Junior Alejandra Flores. “Not only was it fun to do, but it was the first time we ever did it.”

According to each class, most students said that their grade participated in spirit week well, but there were some students who did not. Seniors Jake Dorman and Gabby Acierno both said that they participated in spirit week because it was fun. Junior Emilee Metzger, Sophomore Jollan Mendoza, and freshman Kelly Nee said they all participated on some spirit week activities but not all. Pajama day, however, seemed to be the one activity that the whole student body enjoyed.

Spirit week is a long-standing tradition at Hopatcong. “Spirit week and Homecoming use to be a huge thing back in the day,” said 2009 alumna Hayley Vicedomini. “Spirit week and Homecoming was a way to promote school spirit.” Vicedomini is hoping to see future changes to get students back into Homecoming celebration.

When asking the HHS students on how they felt about being nominated for Homecoming, they were all excited. “I feel great!’” said sophomore Jollan Mendoza. Senior Jake Dorman added, “I’m honored on how highly my grade thinks of me.”

Spirit week, Homecoming, and a Friday night football game definitely poured some spirit out of HHS students. According to principal Lewis Benfatti, “Students now have above average spirit.”

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