Fall Play Scheduled

The HHS Drama Club hopes to bring in their usual large crowd,  hosting their yearly fall play, this year’s Miracle on 34th Street, December 17th through the 20th in the auditorium.

The play features Kris Kringle (senior Devon O’Donnell), a character who believes he is the real Santa Claus. A young girl, Susan Walker (sophomore Brianna Mauer), is raised by her mother, Doris Walker (senior Crystal Vizueta) to not believe in fairy tales, but that still doesn’t stop Susan from believing Kris, who claims he is the real Santa.

            The rest of the hour and thirty minute play follows a plot that attempts to prove the existence of Santa Claus and miracles.“Yes, I do believe he is Santa, because I am him,” said O’Donnell when asked if he believed his character is the real Santa.

“I think he’s Santa too,” added background character, junior Cortney Pruden.

Main roles will be presented by HHS seniors who commented about this being their last fall play. “I think it’s awesome because I’m a lead and this is my very first play, and also my very last play, so I think it’s kinda cool,” said Vizueta.

“I’m glad and sad at the same time,” running crew head and senior Jackie Harvey stated. “It’s really stressful and it’s also the last one.”

When director, theater and English teacher, Mr. Joe Ross was asked about the chemistry between his chosen actors, he responded, “It’s interesting; there are new people who have never had a starring role before who are some of our stars. I think they’re getting to know each other more and more as rehearsals go on, and it seems to me that the chemistry is developing nicely. I think the relationships that are shown onstage will be reflected by the feelings that the actors have for each other.”

Technical director Mr. Mike Batche also commented on the relationships between members of the drama club. “I think we are very eclectic. We have athletes, we have choir members, band members, everybody from every race, creed and religious background— everybody in this school. We represent the cross-section of the entire school, and I guess that’s what I enjoy most— everybody gets along. We’re just like one big, eclectic family and I look at it as a little mini example of what I wish the world was like. We have our mini spats but everybody gets along; it’s fun to watch.”

The HHS Drama Club will debut Miracle on 34th Street Thursday, Friday, and Saturday December 17th19th at 7:00 pm in the HHS auditorium with a Sunday matinee on December 20th at 2:00 pm. General admission will be $8, while students and seniors pay $5. SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!


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