Horror for Halloween

We’ve all heard some pretty scary stories in our days such as Bloody Mary, Boogie Man, and Mondays. However, do you know how many real- life horror stories happen every day to average people? To get you in the spooky spirit of Halloween, The Arrow gathered real-life stories from around the internet to bring you The Freakiest True Horror Stories Ever Told.

1. The Babysitter and the Basement

A teenage girl was asked to babysit for a local family one night. After sending the kids to bed at 9 pm, she had everything under control until she heard movement coming from the basement downstairs. Too scared to investigate for herself, the girl called the police and within minutes an entire S.W.A.T team burst into the house. The team discovered a man in the basement who was actually wanted for several cases of abduction. The reason for a S.W.A.T team instead of a police officer? The dispatcher detected someone else listening in on the babysitter’s phone call.

2. The Custody Agreement

After a divorce, a man was living with his mother who claimed their homewas haunted by the ghost of a young child. The man’s young daughter, due to a custody agreement, stayed some weeks with her mother and others with the father. While the man was trying to get some work done on the computer, he saw the shadow of his daughter, simply standing there, on the reflection of the computer screen. He thought nothing of it and assumed she would just go back to bed. When the girl’s silhouette suddenly vanished, the man checked on his daughter in her bedroom to find her not there. She had been staying with her mother that week.

3. The Hidden Room

A family consisting of a young girl, an aunt, and a grandmother were in their new home one day when they heard strange sounds coming from inside the walls. They moved the furniture away from the walls to find an old piece of wood that was hiding a small door behind it, one they had never seen before. Behind the door was a hallway that led to a small room with nothing but a single chair in the center. On the walls were three-clawed scratch marks which, upon examination, were fresh. The family, terrified, boarded up the door again and never spoke of it after.

4. You’re Not Supposed to Answer

A man was living with his five-year-old son. He heard his son’s voice late at night yelling for him; however, the son didn’t yell dad, instead he called out the man’s full name (which the son couldn’t have known). When the man went to look for his son, he found the boy asleep. When the boy suddenly woke up all he said was, “Daddy, you’re not supposed to answer when they call.” He did not remember any of it the next morning.

 5. The Passenger

A business owner was working late one night when a mysterious person threw a large rock through the window, shattering the glass. Now paranoid, the owner finished his work and got into his car, realizing it had been unlocked the whole night. Sitting in the front seat, he quickly moved his hand around the backseat behind him to make sure he didn’t feel anything and found nothing. After he returned home, he got on his bike to ride to a friend’s house close by. He heard someone cycling behind him and turned around to see a man with a deranged smile riding on his mother’s bike. The owner returned home immediately and found his mother’s bike stolen and his backseat door wide open.

6. It’s Not Her Fault

A man named Rick was coping with the loss of his best friend, who had recently committed suicide. One night, his friend’s wife called Rick and told him that she blamed herself for her husband’s death; Rick reassured her that that it wasn’t her fault. He finishes the conversation and checked on his sleeping children, who were unknowing of this friend’s death, upstairs in their bedrooms. Rick was shocked to find his young son sitting on the edge of his bed crying. His son turned to him, still weeping, and said, “It’s not her fault Rick; I loved her. It’s not her fault”. The boy suddenly rolled back onto the bed and fell asleep as if nothing happened and needless to say, Rick was horrified.

7. The Roommate

A man living in Japan noticed that during the night in his apartment, cabinets were being opened and food was being taken. Assuming he had rats, he set up a camera before going to bed. When he reviewed the footage the next morning, he was terrified to find an elderly woman climbing out of his closet and taking food from the pantry. The woman had been living in the man’s house without his knowledge for the past month, and would regularly sneak out to eat, use the bathroom, and even take showers. Needless to say, the man called the police.

With all being said, enjoy that Halloween candy!

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