New Course Offers College Credit

Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers—a serious spin-off of the HHS Future Educators of America Club—is now a course worth 4 college credits, thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Stephanie Martinez and the passing of the course by the Board of Education. This is the first year the course is running. Students who enroll in this course can expect to experience internal development and gain knowledge of what being a teacher in this day and age really takes.

“The course is designed to solidify someone’s desire to become a teacher, or eliminate that choice,” said Martinez. “Some kids take this course and realize they may not want to be a teacher. This in turn saves them time and money.”

According to Martinez the course has been rather successful so far. She, along with the students involved, are very excited for the course to finally be running. Open to only juniors & seniors, the course offers the involved students college credits from mainly Fairleigh Dickenson; however there are other schools that students could have opted to get credits from such as Stockton, Monmouth, TCNJ, Ryder, and more.

Martinez isn’t the only one excited about the new course. Principal Lewis Benfatti is also on board. “I love it! I think having the opportunity to familiarize kids and to have the students become aware of what a teacher does to prepare them for that career is an absolute great opportunity,” Benfatti said. ”

Benfatti also recognizes the benefit of such a course: “Students are schooled in the preparation that it takes to become a really successful teacher and an instruction leader within the building.” Benfatti stressed the never-ending job of the teacher: “ It’s not just showing up and standing before kids and talking; it’s lesson planning, going through the material, and becoming an expert or a professional in that area.”

Overall, Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers is a time and money saving class that benefits everyone involved.

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