A Full Day for HHS Marching Chiefs

img_20161003_104659For the purpose of gaining both performance and competition exposure, the HHS Marching Band participated in the Sussex County Firemen’s Day Parade and the Randolph “Under the Stars” Marching Band Competition on Saturday, October 1. The day started in the town of Sussex with the parade, and later at Randolph High School for the competition that night.

At 8 p.m. the Marching Chiefs took the field in competition against seven other bands in their division.  The band came in second place in the music caption.   

“Our kids are rising to the challenge and it just makes it that much more special for the whole weekend,” said Kurt Zimmermann, the Marching Band’s Director.

The Marching Chiefs wowed the crowd in the parade, playing tunes such as Armed Forces on Parade and Fat Bottom Girls while the color guard performed a choreographed routine to the music. The band marched approximately 2.5 miles until they hit the ending destination.  

“It may have been a long day, but we all enjoyed new experiences and made new memories,” said HHS Junior Gabby Galloza.

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