Hopatcong Students Shoot for the Stars

HHS students blasted off to a journey at the Goddard NASA space flight center on September 29. The trip, coordinated by STEAM directors, Mr. Emil Binotto and Dr. Edgerton, was open to honor students in both the high school and middle school. Students were welcomed to tour through the NASA station and learn about programs held through the organization.

The trip offered a variety of activities including hands-on stations for students. For example, one station that involved playing with the spectrum taught students about visual versus non-visible light.

Students were treated to a four hour tour of the largest NASA facility in America. Of the many exhibits they viewed, students enjoyed a presentation of the newest telescope: James Webb Telescope. The telescope is scheduled to be launched in October 2018. Students also viewed the cleaning room where the telescope is being built.

Students and teachers were also told about the paid internship programs offered by NASA. There are multiple opportunities for everyone from the science field to the art field inside the NASA center.

According to HHS art teacher, Mr. John Rischawy, the NASA program offers a wide variety of career paths for students in different elements—geology and designing to name few.

“Everyone had a pretty good time on the trip. It was fun,” said HHS senior Megan Pereillo, adding “We were allowed to play with a bunch of different apparatus and we learned how much NASA actually has to offer.”


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