Say ‘Yes’ to Uniforms

When it comes to the way students dress, it may not seem like a big issue, but who knew that a minor change like wearing a shirt that’s not by the most popular designer can completely affect school environment? Today many teens are criticized and picked on based on what they wear, and often have difficulty picking something to wear because of it. The most effective solution would be for the school to enforce a school uniform.

While bringing up the topic, many controversial statements arise. The most common rebuttal to the issue is that if we were to have a school uniform, students would not be able to express themselves, but that isn’t the case. The way you express yourself is not limited to the clothes you put on your body; drawing a certain picture, writing about a certain topic, and even listening to a certain type of music all encompass ways to express yourself.

Students may also argue that uniforms may not look good on them. However, if everyone were to wear the same outfit anyway, it wouldn’t matter whether you like the way it looks or not.

A school uniform policy would even change the way that students act towards their peers. Bullies would not have any reason to pick on teens that may not have enough money to buy all the latest fashion, or who just aren’t interested in particular styles. Everyone would be dressed the same; hence, no one would have to feel self-conscious based on apparel. Teens, who constantly feel pressured to wear the trendiest clothes, even if they didn’t want to, would no longer have to worry about that issue.

Aside from helping put an end to peer pressure and bullying, wearing school uniforms helps create a sense of uniformity and equality. If every student is dressed the same, it would help students feel equal to their peers, which would also enhance the learning experience. Students wouldn’t be worried about their appearance and what their classmates think of how they look. Instead, they would focus more on their lessons and learning how to become confident in themselves. Since with uniforms, students are forced to wear the same outfit, they would no longer need to spend time picking out an outfit each morning or night, offering more time to sleep. Overall, teens would most likely feel happier with a school uniform.

Finally, it all comes down to school presentation: after a short time of wearing school uniforms, students would automatically begin to associate the uniform with school and their learning environment. Students would begin to take their school work seriously when wearing their ‘school clothes,’ and become more relaxed while wearing their ‘play clothes’.

The school uniform policy would impact the way students act, and the way the school environment presents itself. Schools that have not yet invested in a school uniform should think about it, because it would change the environment of the school for the better. Although they may take some getting used to, the results would eliminate much of the stress in teens’ lives.

Now for the fun part: what should the uniform look like?

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