Young Playwrights Perform Original “Gotta Laugh”

Mr. Joe Ross’s Screenwriting Class performed a 10-minute play, Gotta Laugh, on March 22 to an audience of HHS invited classes. The original student play represents Hopatcong’s contest entry into the sixth annual Young Playwrights Project.

The ten-minute play, created by Mr. Ross’s theater class, is about 6 different people from all walks of life, stuck on an island with 10 minutes to live. They all open up to each other about their most inner secrets.

What was best about the play was the lesson that it taught. The play uses ironic humor in the stories told by the six characters in order to teach that sometimes you “gotta” laugh at the mistakes that were made in the past.

All six characters have different stories to tell; since they are about to face their death, they each open up to each other. They talk about their good memories, as well as the bad, as they confess their past. “Gotta Laugh” beautifully brings lessons to light as it shows the audience that nobody is perfect.

Student writers and actors included: Jackson Morgan, Rhiannon Bender, Nick Pastor, Nicole Rodick, Justin McConnell and Christian Mott.

According to HHS senior Christian Mott, the writing of the play was a challenge. “You had so many different people putting in input. Trying to find common ground was tricky, “said Mott.

Mr. Ross, was pleased with both the writing and the acting of his class’s 10 minutes play. “For some, there are students who never acted before, and I don’t think you can tell the difference,” said Mr. Ross.




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