Seniors Beware



You are at your college graduation, caps and gowns on and smiles abounding. You have just completed a Bachelor’s degree in your dream job and the future looks bright. Six months later, you have no job to speak of. What happened? Well, if you are part of the 2.5% of college graduates who find themselves unemployed, perhaps it was your choice in major.

It is that time of year when we not only make our college choices, but also begin to think about our majors. It is undeniable that majoring in a field in which we are passionate is important. However, it is equally important that we look at the numbers of jobs and the salaries that such majors can provide.

A major that is running rampant today is forensic science. An increased emphasis has been placed upon it and it is quickly growing. Despite this newfound popularity, only 15,400 jobs existed in this field as of 2016. Of course, forensic science is estimated to continue to grow, with 2,600 additional jobs to be available by 2026.

Hold on. In ten years, less than 3,000 vocations within this field are expected to exist. You may be asking yourself how that could be? How could something so popular with students be so minimal in the workplace? This misconception of available jobs can be detrimental to a new graduate.

The major with the highest unemployment rate is social psychology with a whopping 16%. The national average of unemployed college graduates is, by comparison, just 2.5%. Psychology is also the fifth most popular major in the country.

But perhaps you are more interested in the earnings of college majors rather than job availability.

Out of the ten highest paying majors (with a bachelor’s degree), nearly all are in the field of engineering with petroleum engineering topping the list. Those lowest in pay are early education and Christian education respectively.

And as far as trade jobs go, being a plumber or electrician will earn you more than another popular major, forensic anthropology. The average yearly salary for a plumber is $50,620 and for an electrician is $58,933. But the earnings of both these jobs can increase up into the $80,000 dollar range.

Continuing education after high school is an important decision that we must weigh carefully. So my fellow seniors, before you major in advanced scrapbooking, you might want to check the average job availability and income.


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