Two Plays One Night

The upcoming HHS Fall Performance of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp and The Little Match Girl slated for 7-10, is expected to be an exciting production featuring two one act plays with an intermission between.

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp is a rendition of the Disney classic in which a king’s court tries to entertain him with a re-telling of the story. The story focuses on Aladdin (Dominic Solimando), the Princess (Abi Mcdonough) the Genie (AJ Amella), and is narrated by Abby Dekker as The Storyteller.

The Little Match Girl is the story of a runaway girl named Dodge (Kelly Nee) who meets a runaway boy new to the streets named James (Fernando Leyva). Dodge tries to convince James to return home to his family.

“I think people will want to see the production because both plays have really good messages,” said Kelly when asked about why people would want to view this production. According to Kelly, the actors have put in time since the beginning of the school year to make the plays possible. “They were super fun to work on,” she added..

But there is more to a play than actors. Also working hard are the heads such as Stage Manager Kayla Dora, Costume Head Tara Nixdorff, Publicity Head Dominic Solimando, Props Head Kevin Gartley, Sound and Lighting Head Anthony Marinaro, Running Crew co-heads Kayla Dora and Kaitlyn Donnelly, and Makeup Head Abigail McDonough.

When asked if the plays had given any unique make-up issues, Abigail said, “It’s pretty much simple makeup. But there are some quirks in it like the eyeshadow of a lot of the townspeople match their pants because their pants are fun colors.”

This is not the first time HHS has housed these two plays on one stage. Ten years prior, under the guidance of Mr. Joe Ross, these two plays were performed onstage and the production was a top tier performance.

When asked about the upcoming show, Mr. Ross responded, “This is one of the most interesting projects we have ever done because it is two plays presented on the same night, and both were adapted by Jack Neary so they are two totally different plays for the price of one.”

This year’s plays seem to have something for everyone to enjoy. Tickets start at $7 per student and seniors and $10 for adults, so come down to support the HHS Drama Club production.


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