Ever wonder about the history of your childhood animal crackers? If so, The Greatest Showman is the movie for you! Michael Gracey’s film is about the start of the famous Barnum Circus and the struggles that the show endured during its beginning years. The movie mostly focuses on P.T Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and Philip ( Zac Efron).

The film includes many well-known names such as Zendaya Coleman, Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, and many more. In this saga, Barnum’s overly confident and hopeful attitude, is well-balanced by Philip’s snobby, and weary attitude. The movie goes through two main love stories: P.T Barnum and Charity Barnum (Michelle Williams), and Philip’s love story with Anna Wheeler (Zendaya Coleman). Both love stories seem to have a happy ending, so you can save your tears for “Les Misérables” or something like that.

The film’s warm color palette and upbeat soundtrack truly immerse you into the world of P.T Barnum as it gives you a hopeful and happy feeling; in fact, you get a feeling that you are at the circus. The actual plot of the movie is mediocre. I’m sure if you looked hard enough, you could find a few holes and somethings feel a little out of place. One instance is how often the Circus performers forgive P.T Barnum. The story goes along these lines: his betraying someone’s trust, then his breaking out in song, then his realization that the problem is gone. There seems to be very few repercussions or any lasting effect from any of these conflicts. However, the soundtrack is by far one of the best movie soundtracks that has ever been released, and it totally makes up for the plot.

This film showcases the struggles of what P.T Barnum endured, and the troubles he encountered in bringing us the renowned circus we all know and love. In conclusion, the movie is pretty good; just don’t expect The Shape of Water level plot.  Give the soundtrack a listen; it’s really good. You can currently get this movie in stores and Redbox locations, and I would recommend watching it.

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