The Tides of Change

It’s time to put rumors to rest. Hopatcong High School is a vital, thriving, and working institution, especially to new principal, Noreen Lazariuk who sees a better future for the school.

“The students are great,” Lazariuk said after three months of leadership. According to Lazariuk, the students here are responsible and respectful. She is quick to point out that even those students who break the rules take responsibility for their actions. “When dealing with students in and out of the classroom,” said Lazariuk, “my goal is to educate them and have them learn from their mistakes.”

In terms of athletics, Lazariuk has tried to attend at least one sporting event for each sport so far this year. She also wants to start a student and staff advisory committee. Interested in learning about any problems or concerns people have, she wants student and staff feedback on the school’s condition and on anything she could do better.

When asked if she has heard any bad rumors about Hopatcong, Lazariuk pointed out that she has only heard a few. She made it a point that she did not trust the sources and wanted to see the situation herself. Lazariuk wants the students at Hopatcong to know that “you are great kids.”  She has full trust that the students and staff will help climb the ladder to success and “will be more than proud to take any visitor in Hopatcong through Hopatcong High School.”

As principal, Lazariuk wants to be consistent with the rules and regulations. Security and safety are her chief concerns. Lazariuk will uphold the current dress code, because she feels that students thrive in an organized and clean environment.

This year Lazariuk expects to build a working relationship with everyone at Hopatcong High School. She is proud of her teaching staff and wants to be an involved leader. “Leaders can be knowledgeable, but if they can’t relate to people, it is worthless,” said Lazariuk.

On the topic of Hurricane Sandy, Lazariuk stated that she was in charge of the clean-up at the high school after the Red Cross and CERT left. She made sure every classroom, hallway, and bathroom was professionally cleaned to the highest expectation. Walking into a school as a new principal where a community was hit with a major storm was not easy; Lazariuk wants to thank all the staff and community members who helped in the relief effort. She also would like to thank the teachers, whose idea it was to donate the rest of the supplies to the NHS Thanksgiving Food Drive. She would also like to thank the NHS.

Lazariuk believes the FIT program is great. She likes how students get together to welcome the incoming freshmen with open arms. She wants the FIT program to stay and continue to expand. In addition, she wants more peer leadership and for the leaders to communicate with their freshmen more.

Lazariuk is in it for the long run and has no plans of going anywhere else anytime soon. “I love coming to work every day,” said Lazariuk.

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