Honoring Honors Students

The lights dim as eager inductees make their way to the stage. Beside them stand existing members adorned in gowns ready to pass the torch to the next generation of National Honor Society affiliates.

Patrick Stanton, a newly inducted junior, says “Getting inducted into the National Honor Society is a tremendous honor…I am delighted with the thought that I have become a better person and will remain a good one going into the most important phase of my life, college.”

The National Honor Society, one of the largest recognized organizations for high school students which participate yearly in charity events, gained nineteen new members, while sadly parting with its graduating seniors.

Being chosen for this immense acknowledgement is no easy task; one must maintain a high grade point average and exhibit character, leadership, scholarship, and service. However, selected inductees are privileged to be recognized for their excellence by the ninety-two-year-old society.

The Hopatcong High School chapter of NHS, under the guidance of Mrs. Lisa Kenny, annually participates in service projects such as the Stuff the Bus and Thanksgiving food drives, Toys for Tots, blood drive, and a tutoring program. The responsibilities of the members don’t stop at large-scale service projects. Every day, NHS affiliates perform tasks around the school, assisting in its proper running. The new inductees are prepared to take over the seniors’ responsibilities.

The National Honor Society readies students for the future by instilling good working habits and inspiring them to continuously work for the betterment of their community.

Senior Donya Forst says, “Being in NHS has been a rewarding experience…It inspired me to be a leader everywhere I go, and that is something I will take with me when I go to college in the fall.”

Students who excel in academics and community service are privileged with being inducted into the National Honor Society. Everyone takes away different experiences and becomes a better person by being a member. Students of Hopatcong High School, if one applies oneself daily to tasks involving school and the community, it’s possible to be standing upon the stage awaiting induction.

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