A “Haunting-Success”

The Drama Club’s Halloween fundraiser, Haunted Hallway, themed “Grimm’s Fairytales,” took place last Tuesday and Wednesday, October 22nd and 23rd. The money raised by the event will go towards the pit band for the spring musical.

The program was headed by senior Nikki-Anne Rosado with the help of junior Keely Johnston. According to Rosado, approximately 50 HHS students volunteered their time to set up from 2pm until after 9pm.

“It was crazy,” said Rosado. “Everyone was running back and forth between setting up their room, getting dressed, getting makeup, and eating dinner. I didn’t think we would be ready on time either night!”

But when the lights turned off, everything was ready. Recalling the success of the evening, Rosado said, “Seeing all of the groups go through and get scared definitely gave me a feeling of why we do this. It made all of the stress worth it.”

Senior Janine Munoz appeared as a tour guide along with Hailey Krueger, Laura Willis, Alexis Lerner, Brady Doughtry, and George Clapsis. According to Munoz, “It was great to be a tour guide for my senior year with my best friend Hailey. The theme of Grimm’s was splendid: Lang lebe Deutschland .”

Sophomore Angelo Lipluma stated, “It was very good. It was a bit loud, but the acting made up for it.”

There was a large turn out this year, which was expected because the event did not take place last year. According to Rosado, there were constantly groups going through. “Our biggest time gap waiting for groups was about three minutes” said Rosado.

Rosado pointed out that both children and adults enjoyed the fundraiser.  “I’m glad everyone had a good time, and that it was a good experience for the freshmen and new people,” said Rosado.


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